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Fun weekend

This past weekend I attended Seattle's Seacompression party. The event was very successful with around 1000 or so attendees. We had fantastic weather for a November day and this allowed for many people to play outside where there was a can cannon, a beautiful fiery cauldron, hoola hooping, an interactive video game which made me laugh, and lot's of happy people in fun costumes.
Inside  were all my lovely campmates from Suspense Camp hoisting more happy people into the air. Placement was front row center for our camp and people seemed to love it, just as they had when we were on the playa. There was also great music, firedancers, tea tasting, variations of twister, and some great pancake and bacon sandwiches.
I arrived with some local friends who were all virgins and by the end of the evening all wanted to go the playa next year. I had a blast and have to say that personal highlights for me were meeting a couple of new friends with whom I may do some crafty things with in the future and successfully hoola hooping which was something I found challenging in the past but totally rocked this time and had fun doing so. Oh and my biggest smile of the evening was being accosted by the Avon lady of doom (or at least of zombies) for whom I had to pull my grinning mouth closed as she applied "wounds" to my cheek. Thanks Hotsauce!

Decible Festival and other fun

I walked to Volunteer park yesterday with my friend Julian. As we approached the park we could  hear what sounded like some decent dance music. As we approached I noticed a few tents and and a dj on the stage.. People were dancing and hoola hooping, playing with poi and generally enjoying themselves. I noticed quite a few people who most definately were citizens of Black Rock City in attendance. After running into a couple of friends we visited the conservatory and looked at all the amazing plants. I love to do this and it had been quite a while since I had been there. A nice lady in the place told me if I stood still I might be mistaken for a flower. We laughed and I thought that was the nicest compliment I'd recieved from a stranger in a long time.

Last night I worked the door at the Elegantly Waisted fashion show at the Mcleod residency, a cool little art gallery space with a full bar, in Belltown. The show had djs and several different designers with around 20 or so models who showed off their clothing by meandering through the crowd. I had a chance to meet and talk to some of the designers, who were pretty amazing and super friendly. The crowd was also full of great people and it seemed everyone in attendance was dressed to the nines, or at least very uniquely. I'm so happy I had a chance to be part of this great event. So much fun!

Inspired by art

Having settled into my routine again after a trip into the surreal and beautiful. I find myself asking what do I do  to bring more creativitiy into my daily life and remain inspired more of the time. Fortunately, I have always had an interest in art as well as some practical crafts like sewing and am planning something fun for Halloween (my favorite holiday).  I always need a project to work towards or I go stir crazy..

I was walking down Broadway the other day and noticed all the amazing art installments in the newly abondoned storefronts and couldn't help but think to myself, "god I wish that all of Broadway looked like this all of the time." If you haven't had a chance, please walk the eastside of Broadway just north of the college to John street.   It's way better at night since some of the art is lit up a bit and easier to see. It left me feeling inspired, surprised, and a little sad  that the buildings would soon be gone, changing once again a street in a neighborhood that I've known for so long. Still,  the art on display there is much nicer to look at than a bunch of abandoned buildings. The whole thing kind of reminds me a bit of Pat Murphy's, "The City Not Long After" except that in that story, most of the population is dead and instead of a city block of art, it was all of San Francisco that was "abandoned" and the art projects were of a much larger scale. I'm so rereading this book, it's been years.

This week's happenings (so far)

It's been a fairly mellow week.  I am planning to venture out tonight to Cafe Racer on Roosevelt for some refreshments and fun and I should be busy for the next couple nights or so.
This is where I'll be tommorow...

Thursday Sept.
The Jewel Box Theater
7:00pm - $15.

Seattle's Only Metaphysical Show!
Featuring Faye "The Tattooed Psychic"
Performances by Hands of Kali
Tarot Readings by Kenley and Cassandra

Come meet some ancestors, feel the power of your spirit and check out some of Seattle's hottest dancers! All this is one jam packed night of magic and endless possibilities!! Bring your friends...it is time for a change!!
www. TattooedPsychic. com

Faye is amazing and Hands of Kali are this awesome modern bellydance group who dance traditionally but to more of a modern, electronic style of music. It should be pretty fun of course because I will be there too! :)

Friday I'll be here

 The BLOODCLOTS CD RELEASE SHOW  at King Cobra (916 east pike) with the Insurgence, Cyanide Destruct, and Shit Get's Smashed. All local, ALL PUNK! PLUS, the show will be ALL AGES/21+.

It starts at 7, so get there early and SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SCENE!!!!!

It should be a great show and if you haven't been to King Cobra lately or ever for that matter, you should go check it out. It should be good times.

New to Livejournal

I just started this account because the people I went to Burning Man with all have accounts here. I think that I now have accounts on just about every peer to peer site.

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